I’ve been asked a few times about the FargoBJJ Logo… Who came up with it?… does it mean anything?

The answer is it was just a collaborative effort between myself and my wife Sarah. As you’d imagine, the moment you’re asked to represent everything you aspire to be in the future in 1 picture… the pressures on!!! 

We wanted to have very specific meaning behind what we were about to start when we moved to Fargo… and I wanted it to be more than a logo, but rather a graphic representation of who we are and what we were going to do… a Symbol!

A logo is just a mark used for visual recognition and identification, a Symbol allows the viewer to go beyond what is seen and links you to the idea’s, concepts and beliefs of the creator. It should provide power to the person who understands it and takes it as there own.
It was Sarah who came up with the final graphic representation… and she nailed it!


There are 4 specific meanings embedded in our Symbol

  1. Middle Triangle – The triangle is the most stable and structurally sound shape in the universe. What better shape to use as the symbol of Jiu-jitsu! The triangle is the Classic symbol of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu used since the beginning by the Gracie Family in Brazil. To this day, if you look around at all the BJJ teams around the world the majority of them still incorporate the triangle somewhere in there logos.
    We showcase the triangle right in the center of our symbol to show it’s importance, and to demonstrate our Teams connection to the origins of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu… the Gracie Family Themselves.
  2. The Learning Cycle – If you look closely, you’ll notice that the circle in our symbol starts off thin, and slowly increases in thickness as it goes around. This represents your growth as you learn… but ‘the end’ doesn’t necessarily mean the end! Just like when you reach a new rank, your learning begins again… and again… and again… forever. This is the way in all things in life as well as on the mat, as you learn more you realize there is always more to learn.
  3. Rays – As the rays emit outward from the center triangle, they encounter the obstacle (The Circle). Rather than try and crash through the obstacle, or be stopped all together, they envelope and surround it following the path of least resistance. In Jiu-jitsu, we learn not to face someones aggression head on, but to use position, balance and timing to counter their strength and nullify it.
  4. Blue Center – The color Blue represents Honesty, Sophistication and Intelligence, and Royal Blue specifically represents Superiority and Loyalty. The phrase, “True Blue” is often used to represent someone who is trustworthy and faithful.
    Our Team Color represents our commitment to providing the highest quality martial arts experience possible and to be the leaders in our martial arts community that others look to and follow. It identifies us as a superior, positive growth community that is as loyal and dedicated to you, as you are to us!

Symbolism is an important part of any tribes mythos but, like what I wrote about rituals here, you need to know and understand them in order for them to have any power.
So now that you have a better understanding of the meaning behind the FargoBJJ Team symbol, I hope you wear it with pride and use it to motivate you to even more growth and power!

Thank you and See You on the Mat!
Prof. George