Achieve Your
Full Potential

Get started with your Free Orientation

Achieve Your Full Potential

Get started with your Free Orientation


What’s stopping you?

Out of shape

Don’t wait to get in shape first… Our program is designed to build you up and improve your fitness level as we improve your skills!

Time Management

Tight schedule? We have classes 7 days a week, daytime and evenings. Pick the sessions that work best for you and train when you can!


Never be alone in the gym again! We are a social activity and you’ll be training as part of a team, moving forward together towards the same goals.

Not sure I can do it

We have hundreds of people just like you getting in shape and having fun training everyday. Men and Women, Kids to Adults… you’ll fit right in!

Fees and Contracts

We don’t Nickel and Dime you like other schools. Your membership and start-up gear cost is all you’ll ever have… and you can cancel at any time!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

Step 1


Get Started


Let’s talk so we can identify your goals and availability. Give us 15min and we’ll give you an action plan on how to get started.

Step 2


Try It Out

First Class Free

Your first day includes a Free 1-on-1 orientation as well as your 1st FREE Class! The best way to find out if its right for you is to jump right in.

Step 3


Start Your Journey

Reach Your Goals

You have a plan and now you have a community. Pick your program and get on the road to becoming the best version of yourself!


Members Are Saying

The Best Thing To Do For Your Kids!

“I’ve had 2 kids in the program since they were 4 years old, Today they are 10 and 12. It’s taught them discipline, confidence, respect and they’ve had 0 issues at school with other kids bullying them. The experience of rolling with other kids of their age and size regularly in a controlled environment plays a huge role in the confidence they feel at school and on the playground and playing other sports. It’s the best thing you can do for your kids. I can’t say enough about the program!”

~ Mike H.

Builds Tremendous Character!

“My son and I have been attending Fargo BJJ since May 2019. We love the coaches, facility, and quality of training. This is a very high quality organization. My son and I participate together and my son also attends the kids advanced classes. This is not easy and very challenging but it builds tremendous character and confidence. This is a first rate and hands down the best martial arts organization in Fargo.”

~ Andrew N.

Extremely Thankful I Found This!

“I have been training here for about 4 and a half years. Everyone is so welcoming and kind to work with. There is a true attention to detail and most of all a systematic approach to each program. I am extremely thankful that I found this gym and have been able to refine and grow my skills with great people and a wonderful atmosphere. I believe anyone who wants to find themselves, help with fitness, or feel safe and confident will benefit from this gym greatly!”

~ Jason N.