Every year our Kids Programs likes to donate to the Fargo VA and they ask the adults to chip in!
Please take a look at the following information below and see if there is anything you can contribute.

“As a veteran myself who owes a lot to our local VA I can say from experience it can be a scary, anxiety ridden place for the children of veterans to spend time in.
Anything we can do to make their time go by a little easier goes a long way! Please donate what you can.” – Prof. George

VA Holiday Donation list - Fargo BJJ

Fargo VA Health Care System

Children’s Activity Bags

Children that accompany their Veteran caregivers to VA clinic appointments need to keep busy. Gathering materials and making cloth activity bags makes for a great “way to give” project for individuals and groups of all ages!
Fill your bags (draw string, sports pack bag, reusable shopping bag, etc.) with some or all of the items listed below:

  • Small children’s books
  • Beanie Babies or small stuffed animals
  • Stickers
  • Word search pages
  • Dot-to-dot puzzles
  • Foam shapes (self-adhesive)
  • Foam puzzles
  • Coloring book or blank drawing notebook
  • Crayons (non-toxic)
  • Lacing cards
  • Mini felt board and shapes or face parts

*Note: Due to infection control, bags cannot be reused and will be taken home by the children they are provided to. For safety purposes, please do NOT include small items/pieces that can become choking hazards, Play-Doh/slime, or food items.

Please Drop off all Items in the Baskets at the front desk of the academy and Thank You for your ongoing support of Veterans and their families,

George & Sarah and the Fargo BJJ Staff.