The Fargo BJJ Academy is growing bigger and bigger every month and that means more students are filling the classes. We are always striving to bring you the very best Jiu-jitsu instruction and positive growth experience possible and to insure that we have created a detailed and progressive learning environment for everyone no matter age or ability. Our 3 Phase Class structure prescribes each class with a Minimum Rank level to help everyone identify which classes would best suit their needs, and provide the appropriate level information for the student.

We currently have 4 Types of classes, they are defined as:
  • Fundamentals – No XP & Up – All classes titled Fundamentals will have a curriculum based on bringing a brand new person (or one with little experience) into the system of Jiu-jitsu. It will primarily be an introduction to the most fundamental movements, positions, attacks & defenses to give you a solid and well rounded foundation so you may progress into more advanced training successfully. No Experience needed.
  • Intermediate – Whitebelt 2 Stripes & up – All classes titled Intermediate will have a curriculum that is based around reinforcing and expanding on the Fundamental material while continuing to build your repertoire of techniques, attacks and escapes. You will begin to learn strategy and to chain things together rather than one at a time, and be introduced to varying levels of resistance training and drilling. A reasonable knowledge of the Fundamentals program material is needed and expected in the Intermediate classes. 
  • Advanced – Whitebelt 4 stripes & up – All classes titled Advanced will be geared toward building complete systems around all of the positions, attackes and defenses in Jiu-jitsu. Because of the nature of the class, the level of detail covered and the live training, a respectable level of understanding of the Fundamentals and Intermediate curriculum is expected and required. 
  • All Levels – All Ranks – All Classes titled All Levels will be open to all students of all abilities. In the All Levels class the Instructor will assess the students who show up and teach the appropriate level material. 
These are the minimum requirements for each class, but understand there are no ‘Maximums’. If you are a higher ranking student and wish to participate in a lower rank class I encourage you to do so. It is ALWAYS a good idea to reinforce your basics and partnering up and helping a new person succeed always provides them with a memorable experience!

I hope this alleviates any confusion and better explains who each class is designed for and why. 

Thank you and see you on the Mat,
Prof. George