The Self Check-In Kiosk has arrived!

Due to the substantial growth of the academy over the last few years we’ve been finding it more and more difficult to accurately track the attendance and progress of the students.   In order maintain our quest to be the best academy we can be while continuing to grow we have upgraded to using the ‘Self Check-In Kiosk’ located at the front desk.
We will no longer be entering attendance on the mat during class, the Kiosk will now be the primary method of tracking your attendance. It is crucial for you to remember to check in every day you train as it’s important for monitoring your progress, tracking you for stripe and belt promotions, as well as some administrative functions for the staff.

How It Works: 

1 – Walk up to the screen and, if the ‘screen saver’ is on, tap it…. it should look like the screen below. (Do Not hit the home button on the right side!)


2) Tap the field and start typing your name, then select it from the list when it pops up.


3) When your profile displays it will, by default, check the closest eligible class… be sure to check all the classes you plan on doing while you’re here… then hit the [SIGN IN] button.


4) If the screen displays a green check next to the class or classes you checked into, you are now checked in! You can hit [CLOSE] to return to the sign in screen for the next student or if you walk away it will automatically close in 10 seconds.


Alerts & Notifications

If a problem ever arises with your membership you will be notified with an alert when you try to check in. In any event that you cannot check in, whether it be an alert or it’s just not working, be sure to let the front desk know immediately so we can fix the problem and get you checked in.

We’re excited to implement this new functionality as it will help us to better serve our students and grow our team!
Thank you and see you on the mat!
Prof. George