Alex Huddleston is a long time martial artist, former Bellator Fighter and accomplished Easton BJJ Blackbelt and competitor. His Instructional DVD on ‘Lapel Guard’ is about to drop on BJJfanatics soon, and it is our pleasure to be able to have him up to Fargo to give us a sneak peek at the system that has earned him many victories on the IBJJF and Fight2Win mats!
Not only is Prof. Alex a wizard on the mat but he’s a super nice guy and a great coach, and I’m confident this is going to be a blast!

This Seminar is open to ALL LEVELS beginner through advanced.
Don’t be shy, sign up at the links below and join the fun!

Session 1 – $25 – 10am – Intro & Basics of Lapel Guard
Session 2 – $25 – 2pm – Advanced Option from Lapel Guard
Both Sessions – $40 – 10am and 2pm

From Alex:

My name is Alex Huddleston & I have been training for just over a decade now. I am from a small town in Missouri, USA, & I am so grateful I found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!! I have been very fortunate see many places around the world through MMA & I’ve met amazing people at every stop!

While fighting was very good to me, BJJ always had my heart and over the years I’ve poured myself into the art through teaching & competitions. I received my blackbelt in 2017 from Professor Amal Easton & I teach at Easton Training Center-Boulder.

I believe martial arts are a vehicle for personal development through the arduous process of acquiring the skill sets to see & act with clarity, both physically and mentally. I think that with clear intentions, discipline, & consistency, the lessons we learn from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may be applied to all avenues of our lives.

I look forward to sharing the mats with everyone!

Amal Easton BJJ Black Belt
F2WPro Master’s Blackbelt Superheavy Champion
Pan Ams Medalist
Masters Worlds Medalist
Multi-time IBJJF Open Champion/Medalist
Former Bellator MMA fighter